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Air Shifter Parts

  •  Low Pressure Air Gauge 0-200 psi

    Low Pressure Air Gauge 0-200 psi

     Low Pressure Air Gauge 0-200 psi Thread size is 1/8 NPT. Most common size if not the only size offered in most air shifter kits manufactured. NOTE: THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON THESE IF YOU OVER FILL YOUR AIR TANK AND SPRING THE GAUGE. THAT IS ON YOU...

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  • Air Shifter 1lb (16oz) Bottle/Tank

    Air Shifter 1lb (16oz) Bottle/Tank

    Airshifter Tank- 1lb (16oz)DOT BottleThis is the one you should always ask for. These are proven safe and are DOT Approved. Some sanctioning bodys require this bottle in order to pass tech.  A special design feature with ours not offered on others...

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  • Air Shifter Air Compressor 12 Volt

    A easy to use 12 volt onboard or external air compressor for pumping up your air shifter air tank or botttle.  This air compressor will easiely handle your air supply needs. It is the Heavy Duty version and pumps up very quickly to 250max psi and...

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  • Air Shifter Cylinder

    Airshifter  Cylinder "SureShift"Replacement cylinder for airshifter kits. This is the same cylinder that is used in all the airshifter kits on the market. The clevis and pin is included and the mounting hole is 1/4 diameter.   If  you...

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  • Air Shifter Line Black 1/4 Inch

    Air Shifter Line- 1/4"  BlackThis is the air shifter line that is supplied with all the air shifter kits on the market today. The line is sold is 10 ft packs. If you need more than 10 ft  you will need to order the part over again until you...

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  • Air Shifter Switching Valve

    Air Shifter Switching Valve

    Airshifter Switch Valve- ElectricThis is the item that makes your airshifter shift. The valve works off of  a 12 volt power supply and has a inlet and outlet and exhaust port. The ports are 1/8in NPT.These are replacement switching valves for all...

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  • Air Supply Bottle Valve

    Air Supply Bottle Valve

    Air Supply Bottle Fitting for 1lb (16oz) DOT air tank/bottle. CNC mille dform 6061 T-6 aluminum. Threaded area that screws into bottle is 5/8 thread size. Make sure what thread size your bottle has many car type bottles have large 3/4 size threads...

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