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Product Instructions



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Air Shifter Kits

Electric Over Air Kit

High Pressure Kits

Air Shifter Bracket Kits

Hayabusa Bracket Kit
GSXR Bracket Kit
ZX12R Bracket Kit

Air Shifter Cylinder Mounts

Air Shifter Bracket Clevis

Adjustable Kickstands

Adjustable Lowering Links

3 Hole Lowering Links

Bolt on Extensions

Clutch Slave Supports

Straddle Type

Standard "C" Type

Low Profile Breather Covers

Grudge Racing Rear Sets

Grudge Racing Rear Set Brake Adapter Mount

Grudge Foot Pegs

Oil Cooler By Pass Kits



Oil Cooler Block Off Plates



Nitrous Bottle Brackets

Radial Brake Mount Brackets

Swing Arms

Pro-Am Swing Arms

Track Pac Clutch Kits